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Do you test on animals? 

Three Bubbles has never tested on animals at any stage of product development and never will. We also do not contract any third parties to conduct animal testing on our behalf. Three Bubbles  is committed to only testing products on willing human volunteers. Our consultation groups are made up of friends, family and many loyal customers.

Are Three Bubbles cosmetics suitable for vegans?

Most of the cosmetics in our offer are suitable for vegans, but to some we add ingredients of animal origin, such as: beeswax, goat’s milk or lanolin.

Product that contain lanolin:  Whipped Hand Cream

Products that contain goat’s milk: Almond Milk Sugar ScrubBody Butter – Goat’s Milk

Products that contain beeswax;  Lavender Body ButterGrapefruit Body ButterDeluxe Banana Body Butter, Face Soap in Paste- ENZYMATIC SCRUB

How are your Products Packaged?

We try to reuse any boxes we have from our supplier orders, it doesn’t always look pretty but we hate to see them go to waste. We also use biodegradable package peanuts. If you find these in any of your orders, you can simply wet them with water and they will dissolve. 🙂

Body butters, bath salts etc Are packaged into a glass jar with a metal lid which can be recycled or repurposed for example CLICK

Gift Boxes – Are Packaged into a Cardboard Box with Shredded paper, for added protection in transit. They are Gift Wrapped with a Kraft Tag & Eco Friendly String & Finally Wrapped in Kraft Paper to send out.

Do Three Bubbles cosmetics contain natural preservatives?

Some cosmetics contain aloe vera, which is made up mostly of water, and where there is water there is life. Cosmetics that contain a water phase must therefore be specially protected against the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold. They must be safe. In Three Bubbles cosmetics, we use only those preservatives that are approved for use in natural cosmetics and occur naturally in nature. In Three Bubbles cosmetics, we use the most delicate preservatives and in the smallest amount that guarantees the microbiological safety of the cosmetic. Cosmetics without a water phase are preserved only with natural vitamin E.

Do the cosmetics have the documents required by law?

Yes, the cosmetics are completely safe, they have the required tests and safety assessments. They are registered with OPSS (Office For Product Safety & Standards).

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