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What does toner do for the face and why is skin pH so important?

What is the actual pH of the skin?

The natural pH of the skin is slightly acidic – it should fluctuate between 4.7 and 5.6. The products we use to remove make-up are most often alkaline. When used daily, they change the pH of the skin, increasing its susceptibility to bacterial infections and the adverse effects of external factors. This is why using toner is so important after using micellar water, cleansing gel or even water.

Advantages of using toner:

A natural facial toner not only protects the skin, but also improves the absorption of active ingredients contained in cosmetics used in the later stages of care.
When the skin is treated with a toner, any natural face cream, facial essence or natural serum will have a double effect on the skin.

All Three Bubbles toners are based on hydrolates from flowers or other plants, i.e. natural water created during the distillation of this plant. They have been enriched with various extracts, it all depends on the type of skin for which the toner is intended.
TB toners were packed in an atomizer. This way we don’t waste cotton pads and we can also easily spray the toner on the:

* neck
* cleavage
* arms

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